Flash Mp3 Player
You can modify just about the entire interface colors, and behavior. You can edit your playlist, add the songs that you want, includding your very own! You are able to sort songs by drag and drop, or remove with a single click! Account are currently limited to three playlsts. The system features play count, automated setting updates, and more!
Flash Slide Show
Free image hosting is includded! You can use images off the web, or images in your account to play in your slideshow. You can customize the reactions of the slideshow, and sort your image playlist by drag and drop! The system features play count, and automatic setting updates aswell! That means less time editing code, and more time watching in awe!
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October 1st 2007
Mp3 players are ready to go! Slideshows will be released in the near future. Registration is currently disabled, it will of course be enabled upon site completion!

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